Self-Balancing Big E-Scooter/Motorcycle/Monocycle
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Pricing Details

Production Time: 15 Working Days
$2500.00 each
Net Weight:32KG.
Gross Weight:42kg.
Package: Iron shelf
Domestic iron shelf package size:110*110*51cm Overseas wooden case package
Charging Voltage:AC90-240V 50-60H
Charging Time:2-3H
Motor Power:1200-1500W
Max Climbing Range: 18-25 1200W motor:18 degree, 1500W motor:25 degree
Tire Specification:13-70-17cm vacuum tire
Weight Capacity:125kg
Max Speed:20km(factory default) 800W: 35KM/H, 1200W: 40KM/H
Standard battery capacity:340W aluminum battery

Specification Content:
1.1200W motor. Standard equipped a set of battery,340W Panasonic battery, distance range:25-30KM,loading 60KG for measuring 28KM will show low battery alarm.
2.Max speed:25 KM. 16KM will have two alarm,20KM will have three alarm and raise pedal to limit speed.
3.Max battery capacity,1020W,3 set of battery, 340W per set. When cruising distance is around 90-100KM and the battery have 5%, it will alarm continuously. Slow down the speed by raising pedal, or stop to operate.
4.Climbing ability:18 degree. When climbing, the head of electric motorcycle should be a little lower, it takes a role in barycenter forward and reduce the strength of pushing down by body of driver. When the motorcycle goes down, the head will raise up automatically, which can slow down the speed to prevent the over speed of downhill. Notice: When climbing over 5KM,it will consume electrical current excessively for a long time, the controller device will show high temperature, then it will appear alarm of high temperature. The head of motorcycle should be raised up and stop to running, after 15 minute of break will resume normal.
5.APP operation. Casually adjustment. Soft and hard driving mode, horizontal alignment, checking battery, voltage distance range, speed, temperature and so on.
Standard distance range of battery: 25-30KM Weight:60kg/30km, 70kg/25km
Max battery capacity:1020W, distance range: around 90KM,
battery capacity can be added as required.

Normal Production Time
15 Working Days

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