MPDFB Thermal-Insulation-Buoyant-Immersion-Suits-Solas-Immersion-Suit

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Production Time: 15 Working Days
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1) Extend a person's survival by several hour while waiting for rescue
2) Quick don at emergency case with waterproof zipper and large oversize booties and gloves built in the suit with fully clothed.
3) Provide the type of L & S with height of 1.75 m as boundary to fit wide range of size
4) A face flap to seal water out around the neck and protection the wearer from ocean spray

1) Water proof: Water leakage in the suit is less than 200 g after the wearer floating in the water for one hour
2) Thermal keeping: Inside wearer temperature decreasing is less than 2 degree after dipping in streaming water for 6 hours at temperature from 0 degree ~2 degree
3) Buoyancy: Wearer turning with face up in 5 seconds in the water, keeping distance of 120 mm with mouth and nose water
-Application field
Protects the wearers from hypothermia from immersion in cold water, after abandoning a sinking or capsized vessel, especially in the open ocean.
1) Vessels navigation at open sea,
2) Deep-sea fisherman who work in deep-water fishing grounds
Wearing time < 2 mins
Storage temperature -30~+65 Temp.
Specification Type L: It is suitable for the person who is higher over 1.75 m;
Type S: It is suitable for the person who is lower than 1.75 m; ;
performance The water-permeability amount is less than 200 g after the wearer has floated on water for one hour.
performance After the wearer soaks in stationary water of 0-2 Temp. for 6 hours, the drop of the body-temperature is less than 2 Temp .
Floating force
performance The wearer can turn over within 5 S, so that his face is toward up and the nose and mouth portion is 120 mm above the water level , after the wearer soaks in water for 24 hours, the floating force loss of the suit is less than 5%.
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Normal Production Time
15 Working Days

Product Size
56× 34× 51mm


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